FREE Watersport Safety Sessions to help people Get Wet…Stay Safe 
A new initiative to help the people of Northern Ireland stay safe on the water has just been launched called ‘Get WetStay Safe’. The project is offering FREE safety sessions in 3 watersports - Stand Up Paddleboarding, Sit-on-Top Kayaking & Open Water Swimming and will be available in each council area across Northern Ireland. 
So if you’ve recently bought a stand up paddleboard or sit on top kayak or just want to experience the many benefits ofopen water swimming and are not quite sure what to do these sessions are a must for you.  
Participants don’t need to have any previous experience or equipment though booking in advance is essential.  
The aim of the sessions are to explore and equip people with the necessary skills, knowledge and decision making to safely participate in eachwatersport more independently.They can expect to learn suitable weather forecasts, local tidal information/river level information, how to find out the best places to access the water and how to develop their personal performance skills.  
The Stand Up Paddleboarding & Sit-on-Top Kayaking sessions start on Wednesday 8th June and will run throughout the summer until September on a Wednesday and Friday evening at 7pm and Saturday and Sunday morning at 10am. See list of sessions below.