Sunday 9th May


Altmore Fishery


11:00 - 15:00


£3.00 per person

Key Points

See what lives in our waterways
Understand bug and aqua life
Pollution effects on our waterways

Looking after waterways and rivers

About The Event

1 - Experience Angling and gain an understanding of aqua life

2 - Examine bug life samples and what they tell us about the health of our waters and the effects on fish stocks

Youth in Angling - Experience angling and understand nature, the environment and the challenges

Contact Details / Booking Information

Book by email to

Event Organiser

Camowen Community Anglers

What's Included

4hrs of angling experience

What to Bring

Bring waterproof gear - wellingtons, and waterproof coat - warm under clothing - All fishing gear will be provided

Bring a light lunch


10 - 18 years

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